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Whether you’re looking to toughen steel, cure extruded rubber or provide thermal storage capacity to solar components, Hubbard-Hall is here to help. Our line of heat transfer and heat treat salts are designed to meet a range of needs from annealing and martempering to isothermal quenching. Better still, our team of experts has been helping industry for 170年. 在那个时候, we’ve met challenge after challenge and can help you solve your problems in the most cost-efficient and effective way possible.

Looking for 证明? Our experts share their tank side stories, via case studies, podcasts, and videos.

Looking for 证明? Our experts share their tank s

Safety is our #1 Priority.

Safety is our #1 Priority.

Download our Heat Treat Salt Safety Guide to be sure you are doing everything to protect your employees and provide a safe environment.

Which heat treat salts would work best for you?


Designed to provide excellent fluidity and great stability, Hubbard-Hall’s neutral heat treatment salts are formulated with a balanced mixture of chlorides. The 中性的盐 highlighted in this section include only 1 non-barium product (neutral salt B). Selection of neutral salts is generally based on operating range.


Molten descaling salts can be used to remove oxide scales from both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Molten 除鳞盐 have the ability to produce clean, scale-free surfaces without base metal loss, pitting or etching.

淬火 and 回火 Salts

This line of heat treatment salts is composed of nitrate-nitrite salts for use as steel tempering or quenching media. All are completely water soluble, easily washed and have similar high-transfer rates and heat capacity.


Solution Heat Treating/Annealing of Aluminum

Molten heat treatment salts provide a high degree of temperature uniformity required for the satisfactory heat treatment of aluminum alloys. Hubbard-Hall’s aluminum heat treatment salts are free-flowing and high purity products.<

Rubber Curing Salts

Rubber curing heat treatment salts are high purity, eutectic mixture of nitrate and nitrite salts. They are formulated specifically for curing extruded rubber profiles at the lowest possible temperature ranges. All chemicals used in these rubber curing salts are water-soluble and do not form any insolubles. 因此, the solidified salt is easily removed from the surface in a hot water spray rinsing station at the end of the trough just after emerging from the salt trough.

热处理 产品s

产品Type of Heat Treating熔点工作范围
急脾气275淬火 & 回火275ºF300º- 1000ºf
急脾气300淬火 & 回火310ºF380º- 1100ºf
急脾气430淬火 & 回火430ºF500º- 1100ºf
急脾气275Austempering, Martempering & Isothermal 淬火275ºF300º- 1000ºf
急脾气430Austempering, Martempering & Isothermal 淬火430ºF500º- 1100ºf
快速修复420Solution Heat Treating & Annealing of Aluminum420ºF500º- 1100ºf
中性盐A中性盐Hardening1000ºF1100º- 1750ºf
中性盐B中性盐Hardening1200ºF1300º- 1700ºf
中性盐BS中性盐Hardening, Self-Rectifying1200ºF1300º- 1700ºf
中性盐C中性盐Hardening850ºF925º- 1600ºf
中性盐H中性盐Hardening1200ºF1300º- 1900ºf
中性盐HB中性盐Hardening1450ºF1500º- 2100ºf
中性盐HH中性盐Hardening1600ºF1700º- 2400ºf
中性盐HHS中性盐Hardening1750ºF1900º- 2400ºf
快速固化275Rubbing Curing, Heat Transfer275ºF300º- 1000ºf
快速固化300Rubbing Curing, Heat Transfer310ºF380º- 1100ºf
快速治疗360Rubbing Curing, Heat Transfer360ºF380º- 1100ºf
快速修复420Rubbing Curing, Heat Transfer420ºF500º- 1100ºf
Bob's Brain:  Heat Treating

Bob's Brain: Heat Treating

The heart of industry, almost nothing can be manufactured without heat-treating.

We recently caught up with Bob Farrell (Senior Vice President and Technical Director at Hubbard-Hall) and asked him a few questions about the heat-treat market, what he has seen in his 30 years of experience and what lies ahead for manufactures using these applications

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